Netti is our new mama. We were very fortunate to have been
offered this girl especially since she is pregnant! Our gratitude to
Arpad Dragonavics of Tanakajd Szepe Kennel in Hungary can not
be expressed enough.
She arrived here at her new home on June 2 2007 a very sleepy
fat mama after her long journey. She is a bear of a girl, large chest
thick bone good head and wrinkle, extremely muscular and very
athletic! At the moment she is still a bit jet lagged and being
pregnant she sleeps most of the day (boy can she snore)  so new
photos are of her in bed :) As she comes around and gets used to
our warm climate here we will get some more photos but for now
we have a couple from her old home and some of her napping of
course for now.
She is a calm sweet loving girl, very quiet and gracious. She is not
a messy eater and only drools when eating or drinking like most of
our other dogues. She gets along well with the other dogues and
did not take much time to introduce them, but she keeps them far
away from her crate in my bedroom. This is her den and she lets
them know it, "Stay away from my box" she seems to say with a
stern stare, but with no aggression.
A few things are new to her and she is fascinated by them. The fan
by her crate freaked her out a bit at first, she could not figure out
where this strange small wind was coming from. She watches the
Television like the people are going to jump out of it and listens to
every word they say. The mirror on my closet door is her biggest
obstacle. Every time she ventures out of her crate (the door is
always open) as soon as she sees herself in the mirror she runs
back in her box. It will take her a little bit before she realizes that
it is herself. My other dogues having grown up with the large
mirror, use it to there advantage by watching the reflection to see
if someone is coming in the door behind them
Netti is a beautiful girl who has had one litter previously while with
Arpad. He kept 5 for himself which tells us how beautiful her pups
are. While with him she was in two dog shows and scored
Excellent in both. I will post copy of her results when I receive
them with her paperwork. She is FCI registered and I will be
registering her with AKC-FSS as well as DNA verifying her soon.